My First Women’s Health Visit is Today

May 8th through the 13th is Women’s Health Week and the goal is to empower women to make their health a top priority and educate on the steps women can take to improve their health.  During the week, you can get the answers to top questions that are asked about Women’s Health. Let’s continue the conversation…

WH waitingWhat would I expect on my first visit?

In the first visit, a lot of history taking is done! The more history on the issues that the patient has, the more information can be gathered to work on the best plan of care.

You will be taken to a private treatment room where all you will receive one on one treatment. An extensive personal medical history will be taken as well as a thorough physical assessment of both external structures and internal structures.  From there, your plan of care will be discussed and patient centered goals will established.

How long would my physical therapy treatment last?

The initial evaluation will be approximately an hour.  Follow up visits will vary depending on your need and pain level.  As the pain begins to subside, frequency of visits will be gradually decreased.

What will happen during therapy?

This depends on the diagnosis. During the first couple of follow up visits, you will receive a lot of patient education surrounding your anatomy so you may visualize and understand what area of the body and which muscles specifically we will be targeting.  Your treatment plan might also consist of biofeedback, manuals therapy, and a home exercise program.

You will always be in a private room due to the sensitivity of the situation. Even if no internal work needs to be done, a private setting will allow you the freedom to discuss everything openly with your therapist.

Tx:Team Women’s Health Physical Therapy programs can be found at FMH Rehabilitation in Frederick, MD, St. Vincent Frankfort Hospital in Frankfort, IN, and St. Vincent Jennings Hospital in North Vernon, IN. Ladies, it’s time to take the steps to improve your health and Women’s Health Week is the perfect time to start!