Become a Tx:Team Associate

Even though your skills are in great demand, it can be hard to find an organization that respects and knows what to do with them, especially if you’ve taken some time off to devote to family or for other reasons. Consider joining Tx:Team. As therapists, our passion, like yours, is delivering healthcare, and we provide rewarding, stable careers for skilled therapists. At the very the heart of our success are the committed, caring clinicians changing the lives of patients every day at our Tx:Team clinics.

Tx:Team is not a placement agency in the traditional sense. As our name suggests, we build teams that work together to deliver the highest standard of healthcare. The concept of working as a team, and helping and caring for each other, is the essence of what Tx:Team is. And we believe that to create the strongest teams, it’s critical that we find the perfect place for you and your talents.

Tx:Team operates clinics that provide care across the continuum in a variety of settings. We work at hospitals, at employer-based clinics, at long-term care facilities, and at retirement communities. We offer inpatient and outpatient services, home-health care, and other specialized rehabilitation services.

We pride ourselves on our “patients first” commitment. With 1:1 patient treatment, the time spent with our patients is top priority with highly personalized and patient-centered care.

We support our Tx:Team associates in many ways, with competitive pay and a benefits package that includes medical, dental, vision, short/long term disability, life insurance, 401k, paid time off, and a generous and innovative continuing-education program geared to the successful development of each and every associate. Tx:Team was awarded one of Indiana’s Top Ten Best Places to Work.

If the idea of a successful healthcare career as an essential member of our team sounds good, you can easily apply after clicking on the position below.  We review all applications and if you meet the qualifications, you will receive either a text or email from Tx:Team.  You can also text Recruiting at 317-597-5326!