Empower Yourself…Break the Silence on Women’s Health

May 8th through the 13th is Women’s Health Week and the goal is to empower women to make their health a top priority and educate on the steps women can take to improve their health.  During the week, you can get the answers to top questions that are asked about Women’s Health. Let’s continue the conversation…


How can Women’s Health therapy help?

This type of therapy is a conservative treatment approach which is an alternative to taking medications or even having surgery. Women’s health therapy can help you decrease pain, urinary or fecal leakage, and strength deficits.  Often being educated about lifestyle changes, addressing musculoskeletal factors, identifying and treating weakness or tightness in the pelvic floor muscles can have a big impact on a patient’s symptoms.

What if I feel embarrassed about my condition and it’s hard to talk about?SLP flyer web

It’s completely normal to feel embarrassed when talking about sensitive issues. Just remember, many women feel the same way.  Your therapist has a lot of experience in treating pelvic floor conditions and she will put you at ease about your evaluation and treatment.  The problem you are having is not uncommon, it’s just that people don’t talk about it.  It’s time to get the conversation started!

We don’t have to discuss everything the first day. If you need time to really get to know your therapist that is fine!  Sometimes, we just start with measurements until you become comfortable with your therapist. Being open and honest with your therapist will better help her to help you achieve your goals.


Tx:Team Women’s Health Physical Therapy programs can be found at FMH Rehabilitation in Frederick, MD, St. Vincent Frankfort Hospital in Frankfort, IN, and St. Vincent Jennings Hospital in North Vernon, IN. Ladies, it’s time to take the steps to improve your health and Women’s Health Week is the perfect time to start!