Workplace Wellness – What Is It and Why It Should Matter

There are many factors that come into play when searching for a new career opportunity; location, pay rate, and benefits are always the topics of conversation during the interview process. How much of the company culture and the other important factors come into the conversation?  At Tx:Team, we are proud of our culture and the essential elements that define us.

Indeed, one of the top platforms for job searching, has compiled information based on reviews and determined a Workplace Wellness score for each company. This score serves as a report card reflecting employees’ sentiments about their workplace. Indeed collects information to help job seekers find better work and to encourage companies to create positive work environments where employees can thrive. This information is helpful for people who are looking for jobs because it can show them which companies are the best fit for them.

Guided by insights from the largest study of work well-being and in collaboration with industry experts, the Work Wellbeing Score evaluates the key aspects of happiness, stress, satisfaction, and purpose.

The Work Wellbeing Score brings together the following four survey statements:

  • Happiness: I feel happy at work most of the time.
  • Purpose: My work has a clear sense of purpose.
  • Satisfaction: Overall, I am completely satisfied with my job.
  • Stress-free: I feel stressed at work most of the time.






What is your company’s Workplace Wellness Score?

Tx:Team has a Workplace Wellness score of 82 = High. This is a direct reflection on how associates have responded to the survey statements.

The wellbeing survey statements are:

  • Achievement: I am achieving most of my goals at work.
  • Appreciation: There are people at work who appreciate me as a person.
  • Belonging: I feel a sense of belonging in my company.
  • Compensation: I am paid fairly for my work.
  • Energy: In most of my work tasks, I feel energized.
  • Flexibility: My work has the time and location flexibility I need.
  • Inclusion: My work environment feels inclusive and respectful of all people.
  • Learning: I often learn something at work.
  • Management: My manager helps me succeed.
  • Support: There are people at work who give me support and encouragement.
  • Trust: I can trust people in my company.

When searching for a new career opportunity, location, pay rate, and benefits are understandably at the top of the list of considerations. However, as a job seeker, it’s crucial not to overlook asking about the company’s workplace wellness initiatives as they can provide valuable insights into whether the company’s culture aligns with your preferences and values. Take the opportunity to ask whether employees feel energized, supported, and encouraged in their roles. Ask them what their Workplace Wellness is—it’s a topic we’re passionate about discussing here at Tx:Team!