An Affordable New Solution

If you’re looking for a cost-effective way to deliver excellent physical, occupational, and speech therapy services to your patients, you should consider a Tx:Team solution. By providing you a complete turnkey system, Tx:Team experts relieve you of the complexities of managing and delivering quality care, and frequently for less than you’re currently spending.

Here’s how it works. Tx:Team assesses your current needs and creates an affordable rehab and therapy clinic at your location that functions seamlessly alongside your other departments. Our managers run the clinic for you, delivering evidence-based, best-practice therapeutic and rehab services. We work across the entire continuum and offer specialty programming, promoting positive outcomes and low readmission rates. Highly skilled and committed Tx:Team personnel maintain the highest treatment standards, and we support them with competitive compensation and benefits packages that help maximize retention and ensure continuity for your patients.

We know from 36 years of delivering quality therapy services that your challenges are unique. From the very beginning of your relationship with Tx:Team, you’ll appreciate that our experienced leadership team has the knowledge and ingenuity to help you meet your organization’s financial goals and serve the needs of your patient population. We earn the role of trusted advisor to our clients by helping them respond to today’s healthcare challenges while our experienced marketing team helps position them to thrive in the ever-changing healthcare landscape.

At Tx:Team, we believe in the power of lasting relationships with our clients. We’re interested only in relationships that we believe will succeed—after all, if you don’t thrive, neither do we. When you first reach out to Tx:Team, we’ll begin a conversation in which we’ll get to know each other, and decide together if we’re a good fit. If Tx:Team sounds like it may be the solution for your organization, please contact Scott at 800-603-6046. He will be happy to answer any questions you have as you consider moving forward with Tx:Team.

Case Studies

Taking Back the Community

Imagine you are the local hospital in a small town. You’ve developed a great reputation for providing quality primary care, general hospital, and ancillary services. You are a cornerstone of your community and a trusted healthcare resource. There’s just one problem – people aren’t coming to you for rehabilitation services. How do you take back your community?

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