An Exciting New Option for Controlling the Cost of Therapy and Rehabilitation

Tx:Team onsite rehab and therapy can be an attractive option for companies moving to an on-site healthcare delivery model through Employer Based Clinics. The repeating costs inherent in physical, occupational, and speech therapy are a particularly difficult problem for any company looking to control costs. Tx:Team can get these costs under control while providing services that employees and their families will love and appreciate. Our clients typically experience a reduction in therapy costs anywhere from 15-35%.

As companies struggle to keep up with the expense of healthcare, many are forced to adopt cost-saving strategies that conflict with the long-term interests of the company. By making Tx:Team services a part of their Employer Based Clinic, companies enjoy the benefits of increased employee loyalty and productivity as employees and their families save money and stay well. At the same time, the company can guarantee access to the services it wishes to provide. The efficient, skilled, and caring Tx:Team staff further optimizes company savings by reducing employee downtime and travel time since treatment is delivered on-site.

Tx:Team functions as a department within the larger Employer Based Clinic. We provide the clinicians and manage the delivery of services, taking advantage of everything we’ve learned in our many years of making healthcare work. Our staff is expert at providing rehab and therapy services across the entire continuum from the first referral by an Employer Based Clinic primary physician. Tx:Team is not a one-size-fits-all solution: We take great care to optimize our services so they match the work your employees do and the lives that they and their families lead.

If you’re interested in enhancing your Employer Based Clinic with the benefits Tx:Team can provide, contact us at 800.603.6046 to begin the process of creating a Tx:Team therapy department for you.

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Imagine that you are a Fortune 500 manufacturing company that wants to create a cutting-edge onsite medical clinic for your employees. You want to reduce costs while actively engaging employees in the pursuit of their own better health. There are a number of options out there, but what is the right solution for you?

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