Ask an Expert: What Steps Can I Take to Avoid the Problem from Returning and Needing Further Physical Therapy?

Question: Now that my condition has improved and I’m feeling much better, what steps can I take to avoid the problem from returning and needing further physical therapy?

Answer: During your physical therapy (PT) sessions, we conduct a comprehensive assessment to identify factors that may have led to your initial issue. These factors can include strength imbalances, posture issues, balance deficits, and ergonomic considerations such as workstation setup, and footwear choices. Additionally, we address sport-specific, lifestyle, and job-related factors that may contribute to your condition.

To prevent the recurrence of your issue, it is crucial to integrate the techniques and interventions learned during PT into your daily routine. This proactive approach significantly reduces the likelihood of a relapse. You’ll also receive a tailored home exercise program designed to help you maintain the strength gains achieved during your PT sessions. We prioritize designing a program that is both effective and manageable, ensuring it doesn’t become burdensome in your daily life.

Jennie Gaskill, PTA