PT for pelvic pain

Ask an Expert: Can PT Relieve My Pelvic Pain?

Question: Can physical therapy relieve my pelvic pain?

Answer: Yes! A pelvic health physical therapist is trained to evaluate and treat the possible causes of abdominal and pelvic pain to include muscle tightness, joint dysfunction, irritation of nerves, weakness, and scar tissue.

After the evaluation is complete the therapist will design a plan of care that may focus on manual therapy to address scar management or tenderness, stretching for muscle tension to improve flexibility and strengthening for added stability for daily tasks. Other treatments may include the use of modalities such as TENs for pain management, biofeedback to gain awareness of muscle tension, pelvic floor relaxation exercises and posture retraining.

Every plan of care is individualized for each patient to assist them with relieving their pelvic pain in order to return to all desired daily activities.


Amy Hauerstein, PT, CAPP-Pelvic