Tx:Team Company Culture

Tx:Team prides itself on the culture displayed at every level of the company’s infrastructure. Culture has been and will continue to be the driving force behind creating an environment that allows for success over the course of four decades. “From my standpoint, it’s about creating collegiality,” said Scott Benedict, CEO of Tx:Team. “It’s about creating an environment where people truly enjoy doing what they’re doing.” 

In a recent release of Work Wellbeing data from Indeed, Tx:Team scored 84/100. one of the higher rankings among the top therapy providers. Data was driven by surveys on key topics such as Work/Life Balance, Compensation/Benefits, Job Security/Advancement, Management, and Culture. 

“My first job was in a very large corporate environment, and it was somewhat cutthroat,” said Benedict. “It was competitive. And it was very ‘me centric me first.’ You just didn’t have that feeling that we were all pushing or pulling in the same direction and trying to accomplish a shared vision and a shared goal.” 

While culture is emphasized in a variety of businesses, it’s naturally more tangible in the health care sector.  “We’re in the people business,” said Carroll Nelligan, COO of Tx:Team. “Culture is everything. It’s the foundation of what we believe in and it’s those beliefs in action. It’s something that’s embodied every day by all of our people and how we deliver the best therapy product possible.” 

Tx:Team’s core values include integrity, camaraderie, vision, responsiveness, resilience, teamwork, flexibility, and continuous learning. These values are consistently referred to as the guiding principals behind day-to-day decisions. “You have to be able to look at our values, which are up on the wall, and say, ‘yes, I can see those being lived out every day,’” said Benedict. 

“All of our values are really important, but I believe that teamwork is our most important and it’s in our name,” said Nelligan. “I came from a background that looked at people’s unique perspectives as disciplines, OT, PT and speech, and how we could work together to have our own unique perspective on how patients achieve their goals. Teamwork is everything to our company.” 

Understanding the impact of company culture is paramount to the success of the company, the well-being of our employees, and a key component of Tx:Team that won’t change. 

Sam Benedict is a Tx:Team Intern from Wabash College. Going into his junior year, he holds executive positions in his fraternity, is the Editor in-Chief of the college newspaper, The Bachelor, and is both a Class Representative within the student senate and the chairman of the campus Student Events Committee. After college, Sam plans to either pursue law school or a career in business.