Ask an Expert: What Do I Need for My First Appointment?

What do I need to wear for therapy?

We suggest wearing comfortable clothing to therapy as you will be doing some exercise and testing during your appointments. We also recommend bringing either shorts or t-shirt/tank top with you depending on the area we are evaluating.

For example, someone coming in post knee surgery may want to bring shorts with them as the therapist will want to take a look at the surgical site and potentially do some scar management work. If you are going to be getting into the pool we will ask that you bring a bathing suit or clothes that you will be comfortable wearing in the pool and then a change of clothes for after your appointment.

The last thing that we ask is that you wear appropriate shoes to therapy. If you are coming in to work on gait and balance, we would prefer for the patient to wear sneakers and not come to therapy in slippers or shoes that do not have traction to them.

What should I bring with me to my first appointment?

For your first appointment please bring with you your photo ID, insurance card, medication list if you have one, and the order from the doctor that is referring you to therapy. You can also bring any doctor’s notes or images that you have pertaining to why you are coming in for therapy.


Kayla is a front office supervisor in an outpatient setting in Frederick, MD. She manages systems and processes to ensure our patients are getting the best experience from the minute they walk in the door.