Tx:Team partners with Canvas: our next hire is only a text away


Changing the Landscape of Recruiting

Indianapolis, IN: The recruiting process has now been tailored to today’s candidate with the introduction by text.  Tx:Team, has partnered with Canvas, the world’s first text-based interviewing platform,  to be the first rehabilitation company to use this unique texting service in the hiring process.


What does the partnership bring to Tx:Team Recruiting?

The Tx:Team recruiting process has always been personal. But now, with the addition of the Canvas platform, candidates will be able to have conversations with Tx:Team recruiters at their convenience. With estimates of 50 million millennials to be hired between now and 2025, the hiring process must evolve to attract this texting generation. Starting the conversation through text not only adds a personal touch for the candidate, but it also allows the recruiter to engage and screen candidates much earlier in the recruitment cycle than ever before.


As therapists, our passion, is delivering healthcare, and we provide rewarding, stable careers for skilled therapists. At the very the heart of our success are the committed, caring clinicians changing the lives of patients every day at our Tx:Team clinics. As our name suggests, we build teams that work together to deliver the highest standard of healthcare. The concept of working as a team, and helping and caring for each other, is the essence of Tx:Team.


We believe that to create the strongest teams, it’s critical that we attract the right talent and find the perfect place for them to grow their skills. With the partnership of Tx:Team and Canvas, we believe those rehab teams are just a text away.


About Tx:Team

Tx:Team is a national physical, occupational, and speech therapy company that partners with healthcare facilities or at an employer’s health clinic, providing a complete, integrated therapy solution. We supply talented clinicians and support staff, and we manage the delivery of their services. We do this efficiently, economically, and effectively. Our model offers exceptional benefits to our clients, our patients, and the dedicated therapists and staff who are at the very heart of Tx:Team.  Follow Tx:Team on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. #txteamrehab

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