What is Tx:Team Athletics?

Led by Dan Ginader, a Doctor of Physical Therapy and former Division 1 baseball pitcher, Tx:Team Athletics focuses on optimizing the biomechanics of young baseball pitchers to improve power development and avoid injuries by removing inefficient, and potentially dangerous, parts of their pitching motion.

Services include:
Biomechanical Optimization ($199) – in-depth analysis of pitching biomechanics, current training, and
future goals to create a plan for developing a more powerful and efficient athlete.

  • detailed video analysis and assessment of an athlete’s current throwing motion
  • in-depth breakdown of current workout routine
  • in-person assessment of strength and flexibility (limited in virtual session)
  • discussion of current mechanics that relate to performance and injury risk
  • strategies to optimize performance through changes in throwing mechanics
  • personalized development of a fully customized training program
  • comprehensive summary report on observations and recommendations

Virtual Biomechanical Optimization is also available for $149.

Skilled Physical Therapy ($99) – clinical rehabilitation of pitchers who have experienced injuries and want
to get back to throwing at a high level.

Group Classes ($29)– 1-hour educational sessions with younger players to develop proper arm
positioning and throwing mechanics in a fun group environment.

Who Would Benefit?

Pitchers between the ages of 8 and 24 who:

  • Are highly competitive, have an established workout plan, and want to take their performance on the mound to the next level
  • Want to learn how to maximize pitching performance while minimizing injury risk
  • Are injured and want to return to competition safely

Why Participate in Biomechanical Optimization?

  • Unlock velocity and extend career longevity in as few as 1-2 visits
  • Acquire a new understanding of the biomechanics behind the pitching motion from a highly trained physical therapist
  • Develop the mindset necessary to pitch through high school, college, and beyond

How Tx:Team Athletics Can Help?

Our goal is to help athletes reach their goals. Whether you are a pitcher looking to increase your abilities or a player who needs additional rehabilitation, Tx:Team Athletics will design a program to help you realize your full potential.

The Biomechanical Evaluation & Optimization Program gives pitchers the tools they need to maximize their potential safely and effectively.

Optimize the power in your body – throw harder, play longer

Tx:Team Atheltics