In 1983, physical therapist Greg Jennings founded the organization that’s grown into Tx:Team. He believed that by creating a great environment for therapists to deliver quality care, the organization would succeed by building long-term and trusted relationships with patients and physicians, nurses, case managers, and administrators dedicated to providing the best in patient care.

Today, Tx:Team is unique in the healthcare industry. We offer a variety of services, ranging from the highest quality rehabilitation and therapy services to management and consulting services. Tx:Team believes that everyone deserves to reach their potential—our patients, our partners, and our associates.

Whether we’re working with a hospital, retirement community, or an employer based clinic, we ensure that patients get the highest quality rehabilitation and therapy services. We work with facilities to publicize the range and quality of services available, and help them capture appropriate reimbursement and increase revenue. We work with employers to help them keep their employees and their families healthy and productive.

With 30 years of experience innovating, and a profound commitment to delivering quality therapy services to patients, Tx:Team is excited to continue to help its clients meet the healthcare challenges of today and tomorrow.